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Welcome to the Artist Application for the Wild As Country Festival 2024! We are excited to offer a platform for artists and bands to showcase their talent at an event that promises to be the heartbeat of Australia's country music scene. Our festival combines the rustic charm of country music with the exhilarating energy of city festivities, creating a unique experience for both performers and attendees.

This application form is your first step towards being part of a festival where the spirit of Australia comes alive through music, adventure, and community. We are looking for artists who embody the passion, diversity, and dynamic nature of the Australian music landscape. Whether you're a solo performer, a band, or a new talent eager to hit the stage, we invite you to submit your details and join us in making the Wild As Country Festival 2024 an event to remember.

Please provide your artist/band name, contact information, music genre, a brief biography, and links to your music. This information will help us understand your artistry and consider your application for the festival lineup. We are committed to creating a diverse and vibrant event, and your music could be the perfect fit for our stage.

Embrace this opportunity to perform at a festival that celebrates the wild, the free, and the passionate essence of country music intertwined with the vibrant energy of city life. Submit your application today and take the stage at the Wild As Country Festival 2024!

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